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"It was impossible not to want to write in her presence."

Ann Henley, English professor


Linda Haac is available for speaking engagements and readings. Her presentations can address the interests of a wide range of ages and a variety of groups. She has spoken, for instance, to groups ranging from nearly one hundred travelers abroad Cunard’s QE2 to nearly one thousand farm wives in North Carolina.

Her presentations have covered the elements of creative nonfiction, the art of memoir, the key principles of writing, the literature of home and place, the value of the arts and the nature of the media.

She is also available to speak from a writer’s perspective on a number of life’s challenges, including healing yourself from trauma, the worlds of mothers and daughters, balancing work and family, and approaching integrative medicine.

She is an expert, in addition, on the worlds of PR, the media and the public, as well as the art of persuasion, and has worked for public television.


Linda Haac has coached a number of nonfiction authors in a variety of fields who were seeking to publish their work. She provides one-on-one consulting on an hourly basis to writers who want to refine their work and extend their audiences.

As one of the co-founders and developers of Living the Sweet Life, she is exploring how the worldwide web can be used to enhance women’s lives, especially as it relates to work/family/community balance. As part of this project, you can hear her interview concerning the use of college interns in small businesses on National Public Radio’s Marketplace Money.

With more than 25 years of experience in the fields of communications and publishing, Linda Haac has helped clients who wanted to enhance their strategic position in the public arena. Her communications/publications firm, Haac & Associates, is based in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, and her clients have ranged from statewide cultural institutions to international corporations.

Her work in the arts has included helping to enact North Carolina’s landmark Grassroots Arts Bills and its Artists Fellowship program, as well as serving on Governor James B. Hunt’s Cultural Advisory Committee. She can serve as a panelist on writing, the media and the arts at conferences and as a competition judge.